Christmas and other festive delights

Christmas and other festive delights

Festive delights

Selecting the right wine to accompany a holiday dish can often be the deciding factor in turning a good meal into an excellent one. Yet the choice is not always easy – we have the best recommendations for you about which wine will complement which meal for your Christmas or holiday feast.

Flavorful fish such as carp are often rich in fat and can best be paired with ripe and fuller-bodied white wines that have not matured in oak barrels, though the acidity needs to be well integrated. We recommend our WIENER GEMISCHTER SATZ BISAMBERG DAC or WIENER GRÜNER VELTLINER DER NUSSBERG – two typical Viennese specialty wines that go perfectly with fish dishes.

Ideal for a group, fondue is particularly popular when having family and friends over. The perfect wine for a rich fondue is our GRINZING ROSÉ, as are well-made young wines with a moderate alcohol content like our WIENERWEISSWEINWUNDER. A youthful white wine – easy drinking, easy-going.

Christmas game

Game is also one of the Christmas classics. It is usually served as a roasted saddle of venison. We recommend pairing it with our WIENER CUVÉE RENDEZVOUS. This cuvée with its fruity cherry note and subtle aroma is the perfect complement. If you prefer white wine, you will enjoy our WIENER GEMISCHTER SATZ ERINNERUNGSGARTEN DAC – the full-bodied and uniquely Viennese specimen, a typical mix of several grape varieties that complements game and lamb dishes.